Apa Saja Fitur Yang Harus Dimiliki di Tablet Android Baru?


If you are looking to buy a new android tablet there are some must have features that you need to focus on when making the choice. You may be surprised to know that most people do not pay much attention to the features and this can prove to be a costly mistake.

As there are so many android tablets for sale most of us tend to get confused and end up making a wrong choice. You need to look at several things and become aware of the features you may need to improve the performance of the tablet you want to buy. When you gain knowledge and awareness about the many features you may be able to make a good choice and save money.

6 must have features in the new android tablet

  1. Compatibility with the latest operating system – The android tablet that you choose to buy should be compatible with the latest operating system. The operating systems available in the market are constantly improving with new features, functions, layouts, faster performance and when you have the current version you may be able to get optimal performance.
  2. High storage capacity – Most of the latest tablets that are available in the market have high storage capacity when compared to the earlier models. When the storage capacity is 32 GB you may be able to download games, movies, videos, application and other data easily. Most of the latest models offer a storage capacity of 64 GB and this can enhance the overall performance of the tablet.
  3. Quad core processor – The processing power of a tablet determines how many tasks you may be able to perform at the same time. When you choose a device that has a quad core processor you may ensure that you get the best performance possible and keep up with the updates of the operating system. If you like running advanced games and applications it is best to opt for a tablet that has a quad pro processor.
  4. AMOLED screen technology – Active matrix organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) screen technology serves as a great alternative to the traditional LCD screens available in most of the older versions of tablets. These screens are thinner than the LCD and you do not require a backlight when using it. The screen technology allows the tablet to display deeper colors and create a greater contrast.
  5. Bluetooth compatibility – The tablet that you want to buy should have Bluetooth compatibility so that you may be able to connect with other wireless devices like headphones, keyboards and mike. You may also be able to exchange songs and images with other users using this technology.
  6. Stereo speakers – The latest models of tablets have stereo speakers that can enable you to listen to music and videos easily. The older versions made listening to your favorite music a big pain and the stereo speakers have made it convenient for users to listen to the music even on the move.

If the new android tablet you bought has these latest features you may be able to get utmost satisfaction when you use it.

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