Apa yang bisa kita pelajari dari margasatwa?


Learn from wildlife, is this crazy guy, we are the kings of the World. Sure, allow me to elaborate. I am fortunate to live on a farm overlooking the Mediterranean sea, quite a big farm. As a vegetarian I tolerate the affects of wildlife upon my crops, in truth, minuscule.

Unlike us the birds, wild boar and snakes, they take only what they need, no more and within the vastness of my farm it is little, very little. Now the birds nest every spring, do you know how long it takes them to build their nests? Two days, yes two days max, but they do have an advantage over us, their home need last only through one season. Do you know something else, they do it cost free. Okay, some effort, but for sure they did not need either a bank or a mortgage.

What about us, the kings of the World, how do we compare? In truth we do not, we become side tracked, lost within a web of social requirements that can tie us in economic knots for the rest of our lives, why?

Now, we are the smart guys, right, the fairies atop the Christmas tree, kings of all we survey, yes? If you believe that then probably you think the Moon is made from cheese. I’ll share something with you. Some twelve years ago, or so I don’t exactly remember when there was a major eclipse, a serious eclipse. The newspapers, TV stations were full of the stuff, it was a biggie and we were forewarned. When that eclipse transpired my farm was a deathly hush, a pin dropped would have been deafening, why? During Summer in Spain the Cicadas, the birds fill the air with their celebration of life. At the moment of that eclipse there was a reverential hush. It was an unworldly hush, an almost apocalyptic hush, how, why?

Now I cannot be sure, but I’m pretty sure there is not yet a Cicada daily, or a House Martin news, so how did they know beforehand of this event? They did, simply they went with the flow, knew that something momentous was taking place. Did they quieten through awe, or respect? I have no clue, they simply did, perhaps going with the flow.

Going with the flow, now thats an interesting concept, going with the flow of what exactly? Sadly you and I have not a clue. We receive all the information we need via the net, TV, or newspapers, right? Wrong, what we receive, are informed of, are in general the antics of man, plus whatever may affect us, little more, what more do we need to know?

It is as though we have evolved one dimensionally. If we can see it, touch it, eat it, use it, fine, worth knowing, the rest? Well the rest is strictly for the birds and the bees and they are I suspect, more than happy to accept our castoffs.

What does all of this indicate? That we have allowed ourselves to become the blind, following the blind. Given our current state of awareness, this World is wasted on us, we should leave it to the birds and the bee’s, they know how to appreciate it. For us, flat-lands will do nicely, would you like mayonnaise with your fries sir?

What can we learn from wildlife, sadly, very sadly, much more than they can learn from us. Terrence Aubrey.

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