Bagaimana dengan Pengubah Teks Penggunaan Waktu Puncak VoIP Untuk Menghemat Bandwidth?


I find it interesting that so many people are taking up all the bandwidth on the Internet watching movies and using Voice IP. I’m not sure what we can do about the movie situation other than to have all of it delivered in a zip file, and figuring better ways to compress the data and allow people watching to use the computer power of their own device to do all the work. Yes, they are working on many different schemes, and in some regards that’s how it works now. But let’s talk about the Voice IP issue, and something we might be able to do to help with the bandwidth issues that creates.

During times of peak bandwidth, or in the cases of emergencies, those people using personal tech devices and computers as phones, perhaps there could be a program which works very much like Siri or Dragon NaturallySpeaking which converts that voice into text, and sends that communication by way of text rather than by way of voice. If the person on the other hand wants to listen to what the communication says, then their computer can read it in a voice of their choice, but it will not be the voice of whoever is calling.

If we were to do this during peak times, or those folks who are using Wi-Fi systems at perhaps Starbucks, McDonald’s, or some hotel then they wouldn’t take up all the bandwidth at those locations causing slow speeds and challenges for everyone else . What’s happening now is people are taking advantage of this using their Voice IP type situation and it isn’t fair to everyone else.

None of this technology I am talking about is new, and it all works fairly well, there’s no reason we can’t do this, especially in an emergency. If people have an iPhone or iPad with a screen this could allow most all of the communication to continue even if most of the communication infrastructure was out and limited to only emergency first responders.

Even better, maybe the first responders could use the same type of communication and everyone could be using something similar to an expanded Twitter back and forth with each conversation allowing for 300 or 400 words going each direction.

Indeed, I highly doubt this is an original thought, I mean it makes sense, and perhaps this is something we should be looking at since we already have the systems in place to make it work, and we could give everyone free downloadable software, and Clear up a substantial amount of bandwidth, which could save us billions of dollars in infrastructure, as we wait for the next generation of technologies that can handle greater Internet speeds. Remember holographic projection phones are just over the horizon and that will be a lot of data too. Please consider all this and think on it.

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