Pedoman Untuk Memilih Megafon Yang Cocok


Without a doubt, megaphones can offer a powerful sound reinforcement during any outdoor event especially during summer. Whether you are having a long overdue family get together, leading a flock of people in your church, rallying up kids in a summer camp or training troops at the base, a good megaphone amplifies your sound so that you are loud and clear.

In addition, megaphones can be objects of beauty in any room. However, it is important to purchase a megaphone that suits your event or purpose. Here are three amazing tips that can help you pick the right one:

1. Determine the use of the megaphone

The first step to choosing the right megaphone is determining how you are going to use it. In the past, megaphones were also known as bullhorns. They are able to focus sound waves and enable them to travel a great distance because of their bell or conical shape. Today, technology has enabled experts to add a microphone into a megaphone to amplify the sound even more. However, different microphones are used for different scenarios.

Before buying a modern megaphone, think of how your listeners will be distributed. If they will be moving from place to place or in an elongated area, a simple old school megaphone will suffice. However, if they will be stationary or spread over a wide area, then you need a Public Address system.

2. Consider how powerful it will be

In general, the size of your crowd will determine how powerful your megaphone your megaphone will be. Generally, powered megaphones range from 5 watts to 50 watts. They may not be as powerful as PA systems, which have hundreds of watts but in the right setting, they can deliver sound clearly hundreds of feet away.

Even so, you need to determine the size of the crowd you will be addressing before purchasing your megaphone. A small megaphone of 5 watts suited for indoor use may not be the best choice for outdoor events.

3. Look for essential features

Most of today’s megaphones have numerous amazing and essential features thanks to advancement in technology. Hence, you should not purchase a megaphone that does not have the features you need for your particular event. For instance, you can buy one with an alarm for use when you need to get the attention of your listeners. You can also buy one that has recording ability to use for advertisement.

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