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Communication is the key to almost everything a human does. Emotions, gestures along with feelings are needed to be communicated and it is due to this communication only that the sender sends and the receiver receives the messages. But the accuracy of the messages received and messages that are sent solely based on how they are communicated.There were several reasons stated by the experts of miscommunication but there were three basic reasons that almost all the experts covered in their speeches, which become the main reasons for a communication to be misinterpreted. They are as follows:

You Are Here Approach:

This kind of approach might work for mall directories but it normally fails when it is required to explain things. It is commonly observed from writers and narrators that when someone asks them about any particular issue which is generally termed as how-to question, they start answering that question in detail whilst refraining to explain the core concept behind it, what we may call it as the bigger question of why.

Tunnel Vision:

Another reason for being vague or incorrect in any communication is focusing too closely on what you know and where you are heading. For example, everyday while going to work you follow the same path so chances are that after some days your brain start acting like auto pilot, so you actually don’t really pay attention to the details on your way which can be a landmark or the number of turns and so on. But when someone else asks you about the way, they have a broader picture in their minds and in order to navigate them you need to tell them the way with landmarks and number of turns, also they might have an alternative way in their minds. So you should ideally be talking about the expected goal for your presentation and you should also help the person understand what you are trying to tell him.

Too Much Detail:

Too much detail can also be very confusing at times. Imagine you are traveling on a highway and your Google maps say turn right. How good it would be if there is only one road turning right, but what if the road turning right splits in to six lanes? Which lane would you choose then? Similarly a listener has also various chances to get lost and it mostly happens when they are overloaded with too much information. Therefore the communicator should always stick to telling only the most necessary information while communicating, keeps the entire communication interesting and fruitful.

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