Proses komunikasi


Communication is a two way process in which two persons or group of people exchange their ideas, messages, feelings, emotions, thoughts, and speeches both orally and verbally. Communication works only if it is effective and meaningful otherwise it creates many discrepancies. A famous author’s (Lawrence Clark Powell) quote completely justifies the above stated statement about communication ie ” Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow. ”
How Communication model works?

According to the communication model of Shannon-Weaver, the process of communication flows through 8 different steps. These steps include source, encoder, message, channel, noise, decoder, receiver and feedback. The source is the sender or an individual who will start communication in order to convey his message, ideas or thoughts. Encoder will decide the format of interpretation in which the message will be addressed to the channel. Message is the idea, inner feeling or thought of that sender or source. Channel is the way via which the message will be sent ie verbal, non-verbal, and electronic or something else as per the needs of sender. Noise is anything that disrupts the message as it may be some physical distortion as well as psychological obstacle. Decoder will decode the message according to the receiver’s interests and capabilities of understanding the messages. Receiver is the person to whom the sender wants to say something and finally he or she will give his reply in the form of feedback that how he or she interpreted the sender’s message.

Effective communication:
Another famous author James Humes defines communication in his own way ie ” the art of communication is the language of leadership ”. Communication works only when the receiver completely understands what the sender wants to say whether verbally or orally. Not only face to face communication works but actually body language and gestures also convey the sender’s messages clearly. However, many barriers become constraints in the process of communication and thus preventing people from being communicated effectively.

The barriers may be physical, social, emotional as well as psychological. Non-attentive listening plays major role in impeding people to communicate. Sometimes culture, language, background and thoughts also become barriers in effective communication. People’s language and culture matters whenever they communicate with each other. Similarly, some people lose emotional connection with one another and hence they become distract from the actual topic. The way of communication also counts a lot in the process of effective communication because people or receivers may not feel comfort with the speaker’s language, vocabulary and tone. Communication from distant places also becomes obstacle for both sender and receiver because some people do not know how to deal with technology and some distract due to background noise etc.

Tips to communicate effectively:
Sender should clarify his message before conveying it to receiver. He must use proper phrases, vocabulary as well as effective channels. Active listening is demanded on the part of receiver because if he will listen by remaining active then lots of barriers can easily be removed. Similarly, the communicators must develop empathy on their parts so that they must know the feelings and ideas of one another. The gestures and body language must go with the messages which a sender wants to convey. Similarly, sender and receiver both should understand their calibers first (like background, culture, language etc.) and then move further. Communicators must give a chance to each other so that both can say what they want to describe. Respect must be present in the communication process which will bring effectiveness.

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