Tip Keselamatan Dari Gmail: Selalu Periksa Filter Spam Anda


Gmail has been one of the most widely used programs in electronic mail. Despite being the newbie in emails, it has grown grown with new users joining each day. It has proven to be fast, reliable and effective in many ways. Most online workers used Gmail as a way of communication, as the best thing about Gmail is that once the email is sent, it appears in your email instantly and there is a lesser chance of it picking up spam messages. However, there are some spam emails that do appear no matter how reliable and safe Gmail is.

Reality Check

If you are one of those people who keep on wondering why some e-mails arrive in your spam folder, then there is good news for this! Google has just updated their service to explain further what determines message as a spam. Ela Czajka, the software engineer, along with the rest of Gmail team, has blogged about their latest service and its different levels of detection. In here, when you try to click on the message in the Gmail’s spam folder, which is a descriptive note that appears right at the top, there is a warning suspicious hyperlink, which reminds you that this message has previously been marked as a spammer It denotes that a particular email was deemed dappled by the spam filter itself. This has been established because Gmail users were starting to complain about receiving spam messages in their inbox. Without a doubt, spam is a crime.

Using Filters

If you are not aware of the function of Gmail filters, then you need to know that Gmail filters let you manage the stream of incoming messages. Gmail tries to intercept all spam, before it reaches your Inbox. When you use the filters, you can routinely label, delete, archive, star, or forward the mail.You can even keep it out of the spam folder. You also have to know that most messages in the spam folder are spam, but others are also not. The lesson of the story is to check your spam folder every single day to prevent overlooking any important messages. If you do not check, you will never know when there is something important in there. This is certainly worth a minute of your time, and ensures safety and protection at the end of the day.

Gmail is trying to reach out to people who have faced similar problems with their alternate email servers and encouraging them to use Gmail.

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