Wi-Fi Di Gereja Dapat Menyebabkan Eksodus Massal Kongregasi Massal


Okay so, I go to church every other leap year Easter Day, unless it looks like rain or is raining somewhere in the US. Now then, it just so happens that the most previous leap year Easter was the day and the weather it was dry, sun so hot I nearly froze to death and well you know the rest, so there I was, sitting in the back row because I clearly didn’t recognize any of these self-righteous folks. I was hoping there was an app for that, so I could just sit at the beach and watch it on my iPhone. I am sure someone reading this in some App Lab somewhere will consider this a good idea so next leap year easter i can play hooky.

Well, I was happy to get my free holy blessed water even though I noted the bottled water company deliver it two days the prior, and god bless those holy Nabisco wafers I say. What a coup, 2500 wafers, that ought to improve local sales of the Nabisco Cracker Company.

Interestingly enough, sitting in the back row of a church is interesting because all the younger generation isn’t listening to the service, not that I blame them, it is by far the biggest waste of time in my opinion, I’ve ever seen not to mention it was pretty monotonous. Got to love that pipe organ music and gazing around at the architecture, but what is it with those costumes they surely look like something out of a Hollywood “B” low-budget movie. I mean do bring on the Vampires to portray the evil theme and let’s get this show on the road already.

Indeed, I noted my iPad was picking up the Church Wi-Fi, you see they have a school out back too. The Wi-Fi was a little slow, but I know why, half the people in the last 5-rows were busy surfing online, updating their Facebook Page, sending pictures, and maybe watching a real movie worthy of their time on Netflix. That got me thinking how distracted the youth of today are and how having an open Wi-Fi on the church is bound to cause a severe distraction to whatever they happened to be saying that Easter, even if it did help them, and well me too , pass the time.

I guess in the end none of these folks online during the service much cared, but what does that say for the future of the church? Not much, but then again, maybe that’s a good thing, human superstition is so 1999. Please consider all this and think on it.

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